Islamic History

  • Hamline Controversy Shows How Religion and Neoliberal Administration Converge to Reject Expertise

    by Alexander Jabbari

    An instructive contrast can be drawn from a 1997 controversy over a frieze depicting Muhammad on the wall of the United States Supreme Court. Since then, post-9/11 Islamophobia, a culture of deliberate trolling under the banner of free speech, and the rise of corporate-style university management have drained the capacity for nuance.

  • Why the Iranian Revolution Turned So Repressive

    by Shadi Hamid

    The Iranian revolution consolidated its power, and committed itself to a path of repression, through a fusion of clerical and state power that was unprecedented in the Islamic world. 

  • After Four Decades, Iranian Women's Frustrations are Erupting

    by Kelly J. Shannon

    Since the 1990s, Iranian women have been engaged in slowly escalating protest against the restrictions imposed by the Islamic Republic. Have those protests become too large and too public to be contained?