school privatization

  • How the Reagan Administration Used "A Nation at Risk" to Push for School Privatization

    by Valerie Strauss and James Harvey

    One of the educators who served on the commission that developed an influential report on the state of American education argues that the report was built to serve an anti-public school ideology, and that its conclusions were a foundation for the culture war battles over schooling today. 

  • The Culture War on Public Education

    by Peter Greene

    The multifront culture war beseiging schools has one unifying principle: undermining trust in public schools so they can be privatized, without regard for the best interests of children. 

  • The Lesson from Republicans' Embrace of "Classical Education"

    Calls for "transparency" in curriculum are working hand in hand with an agenda to divert public school funding to charter schools using a curriculum steeped in Christian nationalism. But liberals would do well to heed the connection these plans draw between education and citizenship, and parents' desire to connect them more firmly.