adjunct professors

  • We've Reached the Execution Stage of the Profession's Demise

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    "The decisions which ravaged the future for coming generations of Ph.D.s were made not just by consultants and suits, but by those with Ph.D.s and likely a few peer-reviewed publications. This was scholar-on-scholar violence."

  • Why Are We Arguing About History But Letting the Profession Die?

    by Daniel Bessner

    If nobody can expect to earn a decent living researching and writing history, then vast swaths of our past will be unknown to the future, and the history that is written will suit the whims of the rich hobbyists who can afford to do the work. 

  • The Hamline Fiasco is no Isolated Incident

    by David M. Perry

    The key issues at stake in the dismissal of an adjunct art history professor for showing a reverential image of the Prophet Muhammad aren't about campus culture or religious freedom. They're about administrative power and labor relations in modern academia. 

  • Most of All, Hamline's Decision Offends Me as a Muslim

    by Amna Khalid

    Hamline University, in firing an art history instructor for showing an image of the Prophet Muhammad (with a content warning, in an optional exercise), has not only exemplified how risk-averse bureaucracies use inclusive language to dismiss faculty expertise, it also insulted Muslims by associating a vast and diverse set of cultures with fundamentalist theology. 

  • Is a College Progressive if Instructors Make Poverty Wages?

    At the New School (as well as at image-minded companies like Starbucks) an educated workforce and a progressive clientele increasingly expects management's treatment of workers to match its stated values, writes Post columnist Helaine Olen. 

  • "The Chair" Creator: How to Fight Adjunctification

    by Annie Julia Wyman

    "The academic job market had collapsed -- indeed, it has been collapsing for more than a decade. Even L.A., where people famously go to get their dreams stomped on, seemed like a better bet."

  • Adjunct Professors Need a Better Ground Game

    by Mia Brett

    If universities aren’t going to invest in tenure track teaching lines, then we need to make sure that they participate in and support the professionalization of adjuncts. Statewide adjunct unionization may be the way to make that happen. 

  • How to Cure Colleges’ Adjunct Addiction

    by Holly Brewer

    "Rather than bring absurd administrative costs under control, administrators are going after the university’s core function by opting to hire the cheapest possible teachers." The solution is a government floor on instructor pay and a ceiling on the number of adjuncts a university can employ.

  • The Real ‘Second-Class Citizens’ Of Academia

    by Donald Earl Collins

    Cornel West's complaints of being treated like a second-class citizen by Harvard may reflect disrespectful treatment. But thousands of adjunct professors experience worse as a matter of routine on the front lines of American universities. 

  • Adjunct Professors: Jobs Are Low on Pay and Health Benefits With High COVID Risk

    If colleges move forward with in-person instruction for the coming semester, adjunct professors will likely play a greater role in teaching students in the classroom. But they often have little institutional support — in terms of health insurance or other benefits — even during this public health crisis.