mutual aid

  • Defending Democracy Will Mean Working Locally for the Common Good

    by Nell Irvin Painter

    Americans can fight both partisan dysfunction in Washington and the rise of authoritarianism and ethnic nationalism by working to advance the common good in their own communities, strengthening bonds of social solidarity. 

  • The Jackson Water Crisis Latest Chapter in Black Mutual Aid

    by Kaitlyn Greenidge

    The two sides of Mississippi's history are its exploitative oligarchy and the efforts of Black Mississippians and their allies to imagine egalitarian alternatives against the odds. Activists' responses to the collapse of the Jackson water infrastructure will test that spirit. 

  • What to do about COVID? Start by Listening to People

    by Rachel F. Seidman

    An oral historian of medical care in the South observes that the current crisis shows weaknesses in the fabric of society that would have long been obvious to policymakers if they were more inclined to listen to ordinary people.