hip hop

  • Who Gets to Sing About Revenge in Pop Music?

    by Jewel Wicker

    Do the racial politics of musical genre explain why songs about revenge are celebrated in country music and turned into evidence for the prosecution against hip hop artists (even when the songs in question are fiction)?

  • Sampling the Epic in Kendrick Lamar's "Mortal Man"

    by Justine McConnell

    Remembering the essential orality of classical epics can help to understand them as works that have been sampled and remixed, and to place contemporary popular culture in dialogue with that tradition. 

  • The People vs. the Hip Hop Industry

    by Jessica A. Rucker

    A high school teacher examines how students' critical sense is engaged by looking at hip hop music as a product alienated by an industry from the people who have historically created it. 

  • Houston Hip-Hop and Chinese Chicken

    by Alana Dao

    The story of a restaurant run by Chinese immigrants in Houston is the story of the growth of the diverse Gulf coast metropolis and its fusion of ethnic cultures.