Cherokee Nation

  • Will a Cherokee Nation Delegate be Seated in Congress?

    Even without a vote in Congress, Delegates can use the privileges of their position to make a difference. Kimberly Teehee's potential seating as the Cherokee Nation's delegate would create a dedicated voice for Native issues. 

  • Cherokee Nation Opens Exhibition on Slavery

    Until recently, the Cherokee National History Museum in Oklahoma did not acknowledge slave ownership by tribal members or the efforts of the descendants of the enslaved to claim tribal membership. 

  • Considering the Full Life of Wilma Mankiller

    by Alaina E. Roberts

    Wilma Mankiller's career as an activist included a stint as the first female head of the Cherokee Nation, but she must also be remembered for the mass disenrollment of the descendants of Cherokee Freedmen from the tribe's rolls and their exclusion from a share of new income to the tribe.