William Barr

  • William Barr Is Out as Attorney General

    William Barr disappointed both those who expected him to support the traditional independence of the Justice Department and Donald Trump, who expected him to use the full power of the DOJ to attack Joe Biden and his family. 

  • Trump Can Use MS-13 as a Prop Because the US Won't Acknowledge a Role in Creating It

    by Roberto Lovato

    Roberto Lovato's new book "Unforgetting: " examines how policing in the United States, including a combined crackdown on immigration and gang activity led by William Barr after the 1992 Los Angeles riots, helped create MS-13 as a transnational criminal gang and a political symbol of fear to be exploited in election years. 

  • What Robert Mueller and William Barr need to tell us

    by Philip Zelikow

    Above all, because of its counterintelligence writ, the Mueller report should provide a historical account of a troubling and intensely controversial episode in American history.