• Crypto Collapse Shows No Lessons Learned From Enron Episode

    by Gavin Benke

    The mythos embraced by both Jeff Skilling and Sam Bankman-Fried – that opaque and incomprehensible business practices signalled entrepreneurial genius – has only become more entrenched in the social media era. 

  • After 20 Years, Enron Still Haunts Us

    by Gavin Benke

    Despite Enron's bankruptcy and the resulting economic fallout, American business media is still dangerously credulous toward promises of "innovation" and "disruption" without asking whether the latest hot entrepreneur is using smoke and mirrors. 

  • Why Texas Republicans Fear the Green New Deal

    by Naomi Klein

    The Texas blackouts show the political and social dead ends of the market revolution and the fossil fuel economy, says Naomi Klein. Politicians and industries wedded to the status quo are attacking the idea of a "Green New Deal" because it's encouraging people to imagine alternatives.