• A Year Later: Our Tattered and Fragile Democracy

    by James D. Zirin

    American political institutions face a crisis: can they defend themselves against a growing movement that will deploy violence to achieve its goals, or will January 6 become the new normal? 

  • Never-Trumpers Keep Insisting that Reaganism Was Not Demagoguery--It Was

    by Claire Potter

    Robert Kagan's assessment of the risks of a presidential coup in 2024 is strangely silent on the role of his own neoconservative faction in mobilizing grievance politics, and uses poor historical reasoning to try to rescue the Republican Party from association with Trumpism. 

  • Yes, It Was a Coup. Here’s Why

    Former Trump National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill says the events of January 6, in the context of Trump's refusal to accept the election results, meet the practical standard of a coup. 

  • Was This a Coup Attempt?

    by HNN Staff

    On January 6, Trump told a rally of supporters the election had been stolen and encouraged them to go to the Capitol. A mob then stormed the building, temporarily disrupting the verification of the Electoral College vote count. Historians discuss how serious the danger to democracy was and the possible consequences. 

  • Zimbabwe: Of Course, It’s a Coup

    by Munya B. Munochiveyi

    Robert Mugabe has effectively been neutralized by military brass who felt threatened by his recent decision to fire the vice president.