• Did The South Win The Civil War?

    In this podcast, Historian Heather Cox Richardson discusses her new book "How The South Won The Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, And The Continuing Fight For The Soul Of America."

  • NPR podcast ‘White Lies’ named Pulitzer Prize finalist

    The NPR Podcast about the murder of Rev. James Reeb, the Unitarian minister and civil rights activist who traveled to Selma, Ala. to support the fight for black voting rights in the South, was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Audio Reporting.

  • Gentrification and African American History

    In this podcast, Melanie Pavich discusses the research and service-learning based courses for undergraduate students she developed centered on the study of African American communities and schools in coastal Georgia.

  • The Hot & Bothered Podcast: Beyond the New Deal

    It’s impossible to contemplate a Green New Deal without sharpening our understanding of the original New Deal—its labor movement, its ambitious experiments, and its racial inequalities.