America First

  • You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand it To America Firsters

    by Eric Rauchway

    Critics of American aid to Ukraine have misconstrued the history of FDR's "Lend-Lease" aid to Britain and the USSR as a factor that pushed the world into total war. It's worth considering the political affiliations of people who made that argument in 1941. 

  • When Is a Nazi Salute Not a Nazi Salute?

    by Matt Seaton

    A controversy has unfolded about a stock image caption which suggests Senator Burton K. Wheeler gave a Nazi salute at a 1941 America First Rally.

  • Loaded Phrases

    by Kevin M. Kruse

    The long, entwined history of America First and the American dream.

  • What Lincoln Thought of “America First”

    by Sidney Blumenthal

    Though he never traveled outside the US, Lincoln embraced an international perspective, celebrating the spread of freedom in Europe.