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Culture Watch

  • Alexander Hamilton and the Hip Hop Founding of America

    by Bruce Chadwick

    Hamilton is the revolution on stage, history come to life, strong fists trust into the air and bold men and women singing their hearts out for the overthrow of the British yoke and the emergence of a new world order on the shores of the United States.

  • Back in in the Days before Voice Mail

    by Bruce Chadwick

    A review of "Bells Are Ringing," a new production of the 1950s hit play that explores the now-strange and exotic world of a telephone service girl. 

  • The 1970s Feminist Heroine and Who She Left Behind

    by Bruce Chadwick

    Whatever happened to all of the firebrand 1970s freedom-now feminists who filled the covers of the news magazines? What happened when the photographers went away? It's the plot of a new play.

  • The Perfect Murder: 1978

    by Bruce Chadwick

    Deathtrap is undergoing a superb revival at the Fitzpatrick Main Stage, part of the Berkshire Theatre Group’s summer season, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

  • Sayonara and 1952 Japan

    by Bruce Chadwick

    The play, just as emotionally gut wrenching as the 1957 movie starring Marlon Brando and Red Buttons, probes racism in 1952 Japan, while the U.S. Army was in its waning days of occupying the country.

  • A Royal Family’s Look at the Roaring Twenties

    by Bruce Chadwick

    The Royal Family is a sharp and witty play, carried by marvelous actors, and lights up the skies of early summer. It is a gem of a play and a nice historical look at the 1920s in New York, Hollywood and Europe.

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