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This page features brief excerpts of stories published by the mainstream media and, less frequently, blogs, alternative media, and even obviously biased sources. The excerpts are taken directly from the websites cited in each source note. Quotation marks are not used.

  • The Myths of Glastonbury Abbey Shown to Be Just Myths

    The beloved myths about Glastonbury Abbey, one of the most religious and romantic sites in England, have officially been debunked by a team of 31 experts led by a Professor of Archeology from the University of Reading.

  • Did Our Dark Side Push Late Pleistocene Dispersal?

    “Moral conflicts provoke substantial mobility — the furious ex ally, mate or whole group, with a poisoned spear or projectile intent on seeking revenge or justice, are a strong motivation to get away, and to take almost any risk to do so.”

  • Hope for Nefertiti’s Tomb, and Egypt’s Economy

    The prospect of discovering the long-sought tomb of Queen Nefertiti would be momentous. It would also help Egypt’s tourism industry, which has plummeted in recent years because of political unrest.

  • Jefferson Is Another Target

    At both the University of Missouri at Columbia and the College of William & Mary, critics have been placing yellow sticky notes on Jefferson statues, labeling him -- among other things -- "rapist" and "racist."