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Sep 13, 2004 10:06 pm

Both Sides Are Right

I am reluctant to admit this, but both Kerry and Bush are right about each other. Bush says that Kerry's a flip flopper. Bingo. He is. His unwise statement two weeks ago at the Grand Canyon that he would have voted in favor of the Iraq resolution even knowing that Saddam did not possess WMD is proof that he lacks political guts. On Iraq he has been wobbly, to borrow Thatcher's phrase. He should have the courage of his convictions. Or does he not know what his convictions are? I am afraid that 20 years in the Senate may have ruined him, as the institution has ruined other senators who contracted Potomac fever.

As for Bush, well, Kerry's right about him. He is an unwise leader who plunged us into a disaster in Iraq. He is macho. He is a unilateralist. He has alienated the rest of the world.

Both should listen hard to what the other side is saying. They might learn something. One of these gentlemen is going to be our next president. Better that they know their own weaknesses than not. The election is giving them that golden opportunity.

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