Nov 10, 2008 9:49 am


There is a good chance Larry Summers will get Treasury. He understands the dangers of SWF.

The word Obama and Muslim may not be mentioned together. Hence, the NYT tells us how many Jews(78%), Catholics (54%), protestants (45%), people who attend religious services at least once a week (43%), born-again evangelical Christians (41%)or white protestants (34%) voted for Obama.

It does not tell us how many Muslims did. In case you want to know, the answer is 89%.

Tom Friedman wants Obama worshiping world to show him the money, troops, diplomatic effort and economic partnership. I am sure he is too savvy to hold his breath.

American allies like India are holding it instead.

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Ralph E. Luker - 11/10/2008

The percentage of Jewish voters who supported Obama is almost as high as the percentage of Muslim voters.