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Oct 2, 2008 12:04 pm

A .PDF to the New Bailout Bill

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A reader comments on the bailout bill that passed the Senate last night:

Here is the first link to the new bill that I've found today. It grew from 3 pages to 451 pages. (I'm confident that all Senators carefully read, digested, and mulled the content change before voting, and that the Representatives will do the same.[Note from site: this is sarcasm]) Tax breaks that increase the cost from 700BN to 805BN are being employed to sell a bill that was already going to do most of its damage by catastrophically increasing taxes - interesting"logic". Breaks (from the LA Times, which also published the pdf of the new bill): increased insurance coverage for mental illness; and bicycle commuting (among many others). Most interesting in the LA Times article is this quote from Rep. Brad Sherman, California, about what is being said by some House members to urge passage:"I've seen members turn to each other and say, 'If we don't pass this bill, we're going to have martial law in the United States.'" Rep. Sherman regards that to be mere"fear mongering." Interesting, that this comment comes on the very day that the 1st Combat Brigade Team of the 3rd Infantry that has been rotated back from Iraq goes on domestic assignment (euphemistically referred to as"dwell time") (For more on the military's"dwell-time mission" please see an earlier post entitled Time for a Second American Revolution.)

I'm uncertain about whether the"martial law" claim is repetition of something that key committee members have been briefed about by the Bush administration. I believe that if they think there are sufficient controls in place, the claim could be a deliberate propaganda release to start"softening the ground" for an actual imposition of such a regime. I think it's time for every US resident who values Liberty to make a strategic decision about which direction to choose in such an eventuality: emigrate to a better place; or stay and resist.

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