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Mar 16, 2008 12:05 pm

Every Dog has His Day

Alright, all of you Ron Paul haters and environmentalist whackos out there thinking you are so much smarter than me, who has often been accused from afar of being drug addled, I got 10 out of eleven questions right on this intelligence test. How will you fare?

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Keith Halderman - 3/20/2008

If this string is ridiculous it is on your head. Throughout you have offered only your opinion that I am wrong and stupid and you have done so in a very insulting and condescending manner. You say I can not read a dictionary but offer no evidence to prove the assertion. I, on the other hand, have linked to an entry that clearly demonstrates that I did nothing incorrect in using the word alright. True the section labeled adjective states that usage is nonstandard, however, the section labeled adverb does not. One part says ”an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence [syn: very well]" which is exactly how I used it. Personally, I think the reason you are being such a jerk about this matter is because you scored a five on the test. Also, who are you kidding you will read this.

Jeff Riggenbach - 3/20/2008

Make whatever self-serving assumptions float your boat, meathead. And by all means have the last word.

For the benefit of anyone who may actually be reading this ridiculous thread, let it be placed on record that I am *not* wrong. Halderman doesn't understand how to read a dictionary entry.

Now . . . have at it, Keith! State your self-serving assumptions! Have the last word! I myself will never see them. I'm outa here.


Keith Halderman - 3/19/2008

You are going to stop discussing this because you are wrong.

Jeff Riggenbach - 3/19/2008

I think it would be very helpful if you learned to use a dictionary. Having said that, I'll stop discussing this with you and will know better than to call your illiteracies to your attention in the future.


Keith Halderman - 3/18/2008

Yes if it is used as an adjective, however, I used it as an adverb. The nonstandard usage comment pertains to the first definition.

Jeff Riggenbach - 3/18/2008

Yes. Did you notice the usage note provided on the very same page? Or the repeated designation "nonstandard"?


Keith Halderman - 3/17/2008

Did you notice I linked to a dictionary with a definition that matched my intended use?

Jeff Riggenbach - 3/17/2008

Ah! Another believer in the utility of "spell checks." I guess it takes all kinds.


Keith Halderman - 3/16/2008

Neither my Word or the Modzilla spell checks had a problem with the word. Note in the definition the phrase "used to reinforce an assertion."

Jeff Riggenbach - 3/16/2008

. . . how to spell "all right," you would have got eleven out of eleven.


Robert Hugh Hodges - 3/16/2008

I think calling it a close reading test would be more accurate than an "intelligence" test. But congratulations you are now qualified to be a New Critic.