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Jun 13, 2006 4:27 am

Some More Noted Things

Geoffrey Chaucer joins the charmed circle with our colleagues, Tim Burke and Sharon Howard, at Normblog's Profiles.

The fairly pointed criticism of Niall Ferguson by"The History Boys" author, Alan Bennett, appears both in his introduction to the play and in a new collection of essays, Untold Stories. Thanks to Alan Allport and Eric Alterman.

Götz Aly,"The Logic of Horror," Sign and Sight, 12 June, calls"for a complete overhaul of the historical contextualisation of the Holocaust." Thanks to Dale Light of Light Seeking Light for the tip.

Jennie Weber at American Presidents Blog will host the 33rd History Carnival on 15 June. Send your nominations of exemplary history posts since 1 June to her at coppertop67*at*hotmail*dot*com or use the form.

Our former colleague, Jonathan Dresner, helps to administer the Carnival of Bad History. It's now seeking to recruit hosts. You can volunteer by writing to: badhistory*at*aol*dot*com.

Thanks to Manan Ahmed, Cliopatria's History Blogroll is updated with about thirty new additions. The list now includes 35 military history blogs, 22 primarily non-English language blogs, 17 history of science and technology blogs, 16 primary source blogs, 12 K-12 blogs, and many more. Have a look.

Matt Welch,"Farewell to Warblogging," Reason, April, recalls a time, just after 9/11, when blogging was young and its practitioners yet unpolarized. Thanks to Arts & Letters Daily for the tip.

Finally, it seems near obligatory these days for bloggers to take a position on Ann Coulter, though I don't recommend that you linger on that thought. Observations seem to range between Andrew Sullivan's claim that she's"a drag queen impersonating a fascist" and David Carr's"the fact that she is one of the leading political writers of our age says something about the rest of us." I take Carr's"leading" as a concession that her Godless will appear on best-seller lists. Sidney Blumenthal pointed out three years ago (scroll down to 08-08-03) that, if she makes it to the New York Times best seller list, a little dagger or asterisk will likely indicate that advance bulk orders by right-wing angels put it there. And, as Sullivan, Carr, Michael Crowley, Jason Zingerli and Rude Pundit point out, she's"a plagiarizing""drag queen impersonating" a"leading""fascist""political writer".

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