Aug 23, 2007 6:32 am


"Strange thing about these peace movements: they rarely mobilize to oppose the killing, torture and imprisonment practiced by dictators. It is only when their own country attempts to end the oppression that the activists become active against America, not the initiators of evil."
(03/14/2006) Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist

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Jonathan Dresner - 3/22/2006

I'm quite familiar with Ms. Klinghoffer's positions and blogging, yes. Every so often I contribute a bit to the counterbalance, as often as I can stand it. It's not really going to have an effect on her, as near as I can tell, but it sets the public record a tiny bit straighter.

Lorraine Paul - 3/22/2006

Mr Dresner, haven't you discovered by now, this person has no shame!

Jonathan Dresner - 3/21/2006

Thomas is singling out Christian peace activists, but forgetting his Christian teachings: I'm a Jew, but even I remember something about a mote in your brother's eye and a log in your own....

Aside from that theological error, he makes any number of logical and political errors getting to that point. If he cared about peace or peacemaking instead of left-bashing, he'd ... not be Cal Thomas, I guess.

Shame on you for parroting it.