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I know, I have written about this before. At that time a Nigerian left this comment on my site:

This REFUSAL of the press to mount a HUGE OUTCRY is GETTING US KILLED. . . . If they'd all come out in unison and HOWLED THEIR DISGUST, it might have quelled the riots and shamed the Muslims into ceasing this obscene behaviour. As it is, Muslims see nothing is going to happen to them for howling and they are going to up the ante. The REAL STORY IS THE PRESS REFUSAL TO COVER THIS. WHY?

Now, oh, my God, the machetes have come out. Remember Rwanda? Christians again are murdered (not by Muslims!) in their churches.

You really want to cry? The poor Christians apparently knew what was coming and tried appeasement and not only by burning Danish flags. On Feb. 3, the BBC reported:

Nigeria's Christians back Muslims

An umbrella Nigerian Christian body based in the majority Muslim north has condemned the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Now they realize that it was the wrong move, as their appeasement has been interpreted as weakness. Indeed, the cartoons are used to further the goal of turning Nigeria into an Islamic state. The Nigerian Anglicans statement includes the following statement.

From all indications, it is very clear now that the sacrifices of the Christians in this country for peaceful co-existence with people of other faiths has been sadly misunderstood to be weakness.

We have for a long time now watched helplessly the killing, maiming and destruction of Christians and their property by Muslim fanatics and fundamentalists at the slightest or no provocation at all. We are not unaware of the fact that these religious extremists have the full backup and support of some influential Muslims who are yet to appreciate the value of peaceful co-existence.

That an incident in far away Denmark which does not claim to be representing Christianity could elicit such an unfortunate reaction here in Nigeria, leading to the destruction of Christian Churches, is not only embarrassing, but also disturbing and unfortunate.

It is no longer a hidden fact that a long standing agenda to make this Nigeria an Islamic nation is being surreptitiously pursued. The willingness of Muslim Youth to descend with violence on the innocent Christians from time to time is from all intents and purposes a design to actualize their dream.

Remember never again? Do you believe that only the victims of disease, famine and Western"imperialism" deserve your attention?

Update: Christians are retaliating.

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Daisy - 2/23/2006

Readers, please know that there are 454 comments (as of Feb. 22) about this article on:
All of these comments reflect sympathetically on the plight of Christian Nigerians. LGF gets thousands and thousands of readers. You have been heard.

Trevor Getz - 2/22/2006

As usual, Klinghoffer displays an enormous arrogance and an even larger ignorance of events in Africa. As evidence she uses posts by anonymous readers and stories in the western press. Judith: religion operates in Nigeria within a constellation of identities, and, like 'tribal' conflict, religious conflict is often a cover for other issues like economics. Please don't ignorantly cover these stories in ways that promote misunderstandings.

Trevor Getz
African historian

Nabil Ahmad - 2/21/2006

I lived in Nigeria for 11 years. I grew up in the south-eastern part of that country which is predominantly Chistian. And even though I took my share of lumps for being a Muslim, I have nothing against those people. We wre just kids.

The cartoon protests are a waste of time and a disgrace at the best. But there is no excuse for Muslims to be murdering Christians. Any Muslim who commits such an act should be put to death. And I can say this freely as a Muslim.

Nabil Ahmad - 2/21/2006

You mentioned the killing of Christians in Rwanda. The killers were all Christians or animists. It was not a religious coflict but an ethnic one.