Mar 21, 2006 3:10 pm


Oh, yes, I do want to be fair: Iran condemned bombing of the mosques during prayer times. But there are no demonstrations; no burning of effigies; nothing.

Imagine the outrage in the Muslim world had the US, Israel, India, France caused even inadvertant harm to any of those mosques. Oh, yes, the French police used tear gas in the vicinity of a mosque of whose existence they were not even aware and the cries of police racism were heard across the land.

The message is not new. Muslims can murder muslims with impunity. Non Muslims may not touch a hair on the chinny chin chin of the vilest Muslim terrorist. Muslims Blowing up other Muslims at prayer or during a funeral procession is justifyable resistance to occupation.

Does the lack of outrage matter? Absolutely, note how the Jordanian demonstrations led Zarqawi to issue a sort of an apology. He asserts that the wedding was not the target and says:

‘‘People of Islam in Jordan, we want to assure you that we are extremely careful over your lives... You are more beloved to us than ourselves.’’

Had the Muslim world experssed its revulsion towards the terrorists, they would have stopped. They care about the opinion of the masses. It is Muslim silence which permits the mass murder to go on just as Christian (and even some Jewish) silence permitted the holocaust to go on. Unfornately, even when Jordanian do express their outrage, their racism still shines through.

For Shame.

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