May 14, 2006 10:27 pm


Well, maybe it is not merely defensive pride made Saudi women say to Karen Hughes. For 94% of Egyptian women say beating acceptable and other woman from developing countries are not far behind. Apparently, there is as much work to do with women as with men on this subject.

Read this Saudi woman who compares the treatment of an abused wife (Rania)with that of an abused maid.

nik yusof said…

...the only thing that makes the male go nuts is ego..but i dont know what happened to Rania, maybe she did something to her husband, or maybe her husband was just plain bored and thought they could wrestle a little just to pass some time.

whatever it is, i am not sure about domestic violence in homes in malaysia but the most popular kind of violence right now in malaysia is against maids...well my maid gets on my nerves sometimes..but unlike last year's case when this Indon maid was punnished like she was a cow.she was ironed, slashed, poured on boil water, and lots more..its like saddaam's method of torture.

A sheperd gets 6 months for murdering his sister. Apparently all the kings edicts and all the king's men cannot amend the Jordanian law permitting honor killing. The Jordanian blogger writes she had it. A Palestinian commentator takes her to task for writing in Arabic and for expecting foreigners to save her. For some reason I cannot cut and paste that particular blog. But its worth reading.

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