May 4, 2011 2:45 pm


Syrian butchery casts dark shadow There is little difference except timing between Qaddafi and Assad but that is plenty - 

Sarkozy calls for "severe sanctions" against Syria

Speaking in an interview with the weekly magazine L'Express, the French head of state noted that "military intervention remains an exception" and "it can not be the rule", Xinhua reported .

"We will not accept a (political) regime which sends the army against peaceful demonstrators. However, it is not necessary, facing different political realities, to act every time with the same way," Sarkozy said, referring to military intervention.

"We must be lucid ... For Syria, we will act to adopt the most severe sanctions. This will be effective," he added.


'Hundred tanks, troop transports' on Syria highway.

"Reinforcements continue to mass at the northern entrance to Ar-Rastan and, according to our estimates, there must be a hundred tanks and troop transports on the highway between Homs and Hamas near Oronte reservoir," he told AFP.

Earlier, the source said the Syrian army had been strengthening its forces there for the past three days.

Ar-Rastan residents have toppled a statue of the late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad, who was succeeded on his death in 2000 by his son, current president Bashar al-Assad.




Where is the international community? Is there a real difference between Qaddafi and Assad?

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