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The Marmara flotilla is the latest in the step by step strategic transformation of Turkey from a pro Western secular NATO member to the leader of an Islamist Middle East. Turkish Israeli relations are but a bi-product of Turkish-American relations

At the heart of the matter is the ongoing struggle for power between the military and the Erdogan's Islamist governing party. The US and including Israel have close ties with the old Turkish elite and, most especially, the Turkish military which used to rule Turkey before Erdogan. There is little doubt that the Turkish elite had difficulty accepting the rule of the Eastern Islamist upstarts and the military may have indeed planned yet another coup. But that was not the fault of either Washington or Jerusalem. Never mind, the Erdogan regime views the US as the enemy. Even more so now that his nemesis, the secularist opposition parties have a Ghandian new leader and seems to be getting its act together.

In addition, the Erdogan Islamist party has long standing ties with the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas. The"humanitarian" organization behind the Marmara flotilla is IHH:

1. Famed counter-terrorism magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere found that in the mid 1990's the IHH president conspired to recruit members for jihad. CIA reports have linked them with extremist groups in Algeria and Iran.

2. Jean-Louis Bruguiere also testified to a U.S. Court that the IHH played a" central role" in the attempted Al Qaida Millenium bomb plot targeting LAX, the main airport in LA.

3. During the Iraqi war, IHH funneled funds to insurgents in a Sunni dominated area of central Iraq. These were funds used to kill American soldiers in Iraq.

4. In December 1997, Turkish authorities began a criminal investigation into IHH when sources revealed to them that the IHH had purchased semi-automatic weapons from Islamic militant groups. Inside the bureau an array of items were found:"firearms, explosives, bomb-making instructions and a jihadi flag."

5. The IHH continue to cooperate closely with Hamas, including joint press conferences and close collaboration regarding the Flotilla. As early as this morning (May 30th), from within the Flotilla itself we heard the possessed cries of the 'peace activists' chanting repeatedly:"Kahybar Kahybar ya yahud". This chant refers to the battle which took place in Khaybar ,150 km north of Medina in Saudi Arabia, in 628. It refers to a battle – led by Muhammad – which resulted in the slaughtering of 100 Jews combined with the humiliation and surrender of the rest, including the imposition of the infamous poll tax on non-Muslims.

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Was the Gaza Flotilla Incident a Turkish Plot?

The timing is impeccable. Turkey is holding the Sec.Council presidency.

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