Mar 5, 2010 6:04 pm


Here is my translation:

No one told me there's a party there
Had I known I also would have come
From moment to moment it is clearer
Everybody was there except me
That is how it looks.

You thought you could it secret from me
But Dahi"the Innocent" has a big mouth and camerals
The entire world and their wives saw how
you flew there without me to that crazy masked ball in Dubai

Only I wasn't invited to the Al Mabhouh party
Wallach, If I was there
I'd have placed him on a lower chair
Dahi the innocent was there, picked up the bullets
Since then from morning to night he eats film
From party to party to journalists he reports
Dhilak, Dahi its impossible to see the fire from the smoke

"I got you, you killed Mahmoud
Dahi is in the groove and whoever does not jump is suspicious
Straighten out the glasses, the wig is a bit crooked
Arrange the mustache and smile to the camera
Put on the tennis hat and ring the elevator
Mabhouh is coming and we will put on him a pillow.

Written by Golan Chen.

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