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Dec 28, 2009 10:45 am


It is bloody - but then Ashura always is.

Iran protesters killed, including Mousavi's nephew

Claim: The nephew was targeted

Seyed Ali Moussavi Habibi, nephew of Mir Hossein Moussavi, was warned and threaten by phone calls to be assassinated for the past few days. His family were aware of all the treats and were worried about him.

Today, Ashura day, Seyed Ali Moussavi Habibi was witnessing a 4WD Neissan Patrol car running over a few people in front of his house before being shot and killed with the same people in the car. After running over a few people 5 people get off the car and one of them comes very close to Seyed ali Moussavi and shoots him with a gun in a way that the bullet passes through his chest and comes out from his back. Then all 5 get on the car and run away.

His brother in law takes Seyed Ali Moussavi to the Hospital but before they reach there he becomes a martyr.

The government guards has gone to the hospital and said that they are going to take his body to the Kahrizak death investigation center.

They have threatened and warned the family that they are not allowed to hold a funeral for him. ( there is the possibility that they would bury him over night so the family would not be able to have the funeral anymore.)

Live blogging Ashura

Will the security forces turn?

Some have and more may planning to do so.

Bastille day? Via Gateway pundit - Prisoners saved from hanging

Also, protester freed from police car

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