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Dec 14, 2009 11:25 am


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HNN - 12/15/2009

I saw the movie and then read the author's description of her real life experience ( Yes, he was a player but a disgusting one. Hence, the motivations of the girl and her parents were much more disgusting. It is not an uplifting story. The writer is not antisemitic. She wished to expose her own parents. Her father is dead but her mother is still alive. She has been attacked for humiliating the old woman but responded that she has kept quiet long enough. The time has come to make some money! No, she is not Jewish!

Elliott Aron Green - 12/14/2009

I think that the New Yorker is soft on Obama. His bow to the Saudi king was 90 degrees over, not as shown.

Anyhow, you are very aware that Judeophobia is not some dim memory from the 19th century or from WW2. Here is some very artistic British Judeophobia. Note the propaganda techniques used, as well as the themes taken from medieval Judeophobia.