Nov 28, 2009 11:31 am


Thanksgiving dinner beckons so this is going to be short though not sweet. It is just that my breakfast was spoiled by reading Nicholas Kristof's cowardly column, The Religious Wars which tears apart Judaism and Christianity but dares not mention Islam.

But, perhaps, I am being too harsh. Perhaps, Kristof honestly believes that Islam has nothing to do with current religious wars or that Islam, unlike its fellow monotheistic religions, had no need to grow as it and Koran were perfect to start with.

Alternatively, he knows that neither Jews nor Christians are likely to lead demonstrations against him or to threaten his and his family's life.

As you can tell from the title, I believe the latter.

Solomonia accuses me of being a bit unfair to Kristof since he writes about internal religious wars not external ones and Islam, he argues, is not in the middle of one of those.

I happen to disagree. There is Sunni, Shia, Sufi and Ahmadi to mention just the very obvious disagreements. Indeed, in Pakistan Shia and Sunni are blowing each other's mosques every so often. This in addition to other less obvious disagreements. Unfortunately, cowardice prevents a serious public discussions of these sometime deadly rivalries. Hence, the oh so mistaken impression that there are no internal religious wars in Islam.

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Mike R Bav - 1/14/2011

DW: Agreed. You get it. Mr. Kristof has a deeply warped and distorted sense of reality. Perhaps he should consider converting to Islam, so that he can continue to spew his ridiculous, at times anti-Semitic, rhetoric and defend the Religion of (Rest in) Peace.

I cannot stand his articles about politics. Nicholas Kristof is a moron and a fraud. Period.

Donald Wolberg - 11/30/2009

Ms. Klinghofer's comments are very much on target. Mr. Kristof is of course entitled to write whatever he chooses and to avoid potential "discomfort" as sees fit. However, if he is serious about his remarks, he should confront the silliness and combativeness of all religions so afflicted. Certainly Islamic beliefs and belief struture appears to be more "adaptable" to accepting the horrid violence carried out with the "authority" of edicts from Islamic leaders. But then, perhaps Mr. Kristof is not really interested in the world as it is.