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May 17, 2005 10:51 am

J.Wm.Lloyd, Speech to Ferrer Colony

Another transcription of original source material from Liberty contributor John William Lloyd. This is the text of a speech Lloyd delivered to the members of the Ferrer Colony. (See also Lloyd's "Auto-biographical Essay", "Anarchist Mutualism" and "Memories of Benjamin Tucker.) Again, this essay may be circulated freely as long as credit and a link are provided. [Only loosely proofed.] For more commentary, please see McBlog

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Kenneth R Gregg - 5/19/2005

Thanks for providing the work on inputting and putting these essays online. J. William Lloyd is certainly an interesting person. I like this quote from the Ferrer talk:

"Communism is one of the most beautiful of ideals, but in liberty it is only possible between loving friends. The only communism a libertarian can stand for is freedom communism and communism is only free when it is free to refuse. Therefore it must be based on individualism, on individual possession of property, for communism is sharing and if I possess nothing I can share nothing, and if I possess nothing I can refuse nothing. If your communism is forced it destroys your liberty, for liberty is power the means of power is property. Therefore your communism and individualism must be reconciled and both expressed in your colony life. Your communism must be your expression of your sense of solidarity and good will toward each other. Communism cannot be demanded as a right where there is to be liberty -- it can only be a gift."

It is a very insightful approach to communism that individualists have held about non-statist communists. Would that all of them agreed with this!

Take care.
Just Ken