Oct 20, 2009 11:09 am


Nothing encapsulates the fall of Pakistan more than it's current coupling with Afghanistan. A few years ago it was coupled with India. Now India is coupled with China. This is what Islamism does to a country and the sooner Muslims draw conclusions the better for them and the rest of us.

But statism is NOT the answer. Hence, I disagree with Shuja Nawaj that the way to win The Battle for Pakistan is with American foreign aid. All that it does is redirect bright, ambitious locals from entrepreneurship into NGO type service. Adding very little to the local economy. Indeed, the interest of those hired by the foreign and domestic governments is not in increasing the prosperity of the region but merely increasing the funds available for distribution.

Why has nothing been learned from the sorry example of the Palestinians? You cannot build a viable community on charity or service. Indians are finally getting it. That is the reason they are so keen on the writings of Ayn Rand that even Foreign Policy notices. It's time for those who wish to win the Battle for Pakistan to follow in their footsteps.

The battle is for freedom. The outcome is peace. Neither comes from bureaucrats.

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