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This page features brief excerpts of stories published by the mainstream media and, less frequently, blogs, alternative media, and even obviously biased sources. The excerpts are taken directly from the websites cited in each source note. Quotation marks are not used.

  • Open Letter to Anthony Kennedy

    by Marc Stein

    The Supreme Court should consider these questions before deciding the gay marriage cases. 

  • What is the history of the Green Berets?

    by John Prados

    With Memorial Day fast approaching, it is worth examining the history of our armed services, including the modernization of the military during the Cold War.

  • Who Counts?

    by Tom Engelhardt

    Body Counts, Drones, and “Collateral Damage” (aka “Bug Splat”)

  • The War of Northern Aggression

    by James Oakes

    A leading Civil War historian challenges the new orthodoxy about how slavery ended in America.

  • Why the CVS Burned

    by Louis Hyman

    The rioting in Baltimore wasn’t hooliganism. It was a protest against the depredations of the ghetto economy.

  • Roundup Top 10!

    This week's broad sampling of opinion pieces found on the Internet, as selected by the editors of HNN. 

  • How Gilded Ages End

    by Paul Starr

    Protecting democracy from oligarchic dominance is, once again, a central imperative of American politics.

  • Rioting: An American Tradition

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    Looking at the rioters in Baltimore, or any other place, in isolation misses the point. If Americans have one grand political tradition, it is rioting.

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