Britain considered chemical attack on Tokyo in 1944

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British officials considered attacking Tokyo with poison gas in 1944, more than a year before the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.

Documents made public today include a memorandum written by a government academic entitled Attack on Tokyo with Gas Bombs. His report was coupled with a note from the Ministry of Supply, dated May 22, 1944.

It said: “In his report on his discussions in America Major-General Goldnoy suggested that it might be worthwhile attempting to assess the probable effects of a C.W. [chemical weapons] bombing attack on Tokyo.” A two-page analysis of such an attack was written by Professor D. Brunt, based on information and photographs of the Japanese capital provided by the director of military intelligence at the War Office. He listed two gas options — phosgene and mustard gas — and considered incendiary bombs as well.

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