Army Corps returns artifact to Government of Iraq

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Baghdad,Iraq – In its continuing commitment to the implementation of the Strategic Framework
Agreement, the Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers helped return an Iraqi artifact to
the Government of Iraq earlier this month.

The artifact — a 27-year-old bronze tablet built in the era of Saddam Hussein and dedicated to an
Unknown Soldier — was turned over to the Iraqi High Tribunal for storage in its secure document
storage facility in the International Zone. The turn-over was conducted in partnership with the
Cultural Affairs Department of the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad.

The tablet resided outside of the Gulf Region Central District’s Residence Office on Freedom
Compound in the IZ for a number of years. But the history of the tablet is a bit of a mystery.

“We don’t know how it got here, or who put it here,” said Capt. Chad Wendolek, the officer in charge
of the GRC IZ residence office.

Wendolek said both he and his colleagues wanted to find a home for the tablet before they move to
the Victory Base Complex this summer.

“We know that this tablet is significant to the Iraqi people and we wanted to be sure we put it in
the right hands,” Wendolek said.

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