With bigger budget Gettysburg filling slots and revving up

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With a budget that rarely saw increases from year to year, Gettysburg park officials struggled for years to keep up with a backlog of necessary maintenance projects.

In August 2006, Pratt told USA Today that time and a tight budget were taking a toll on the battlefield's historic structures and monuments.

"You start to look around, and there's work everywhere that needs to be done. We just don't have the money or people to do those things," Pratt said at the time. "It's a red flag that we're getting behind, and it appears to be getting worse."

But since 2006 - the year Pratt recently described as the park's "low" point in terms of funding shortages and backlogged projects - Gettysburg National Military Park's operating budget has increased by $1,651,000.

That includes $935,155 in the 2008 budget specifically for repair and rehabilitation - up from only $35,570 in 2006.

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