Hitler had shocking table manners, gorged on cake and suffered flatulence, reveals never-before-seen profile

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Hitler had 'shocking' table manners, gorged on cake in his bunker and suffered from a digestive disorder that might have resulted in flatulence, it has been revealed.

The dictator also bit his fingernails at meal times and nervously rubbed his index finger back and forth across his moustache, according to newly-discovered documents.

The top secret papers also state Hitler believed Joseph Goebbels' own propaganda about himself, genuinely believing he was the 'greatest military genius of all time'.

The revelations also show Hitler had a 'streak of passive masochism' in his relationships with women.

The Fuhrer's daily routine and 'uncouth' behaviour were recorded in notes taken from a high-ranking Nazi who spilled the beans to a British agent.

The document, resembling a psychological profile of Hitler, is dated May 3 1945 - three days after his death - and states on the front: 'This summary must be destroyed within 48 hours.'

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Lorraine Paul - 2/18/2009

I don't have any trouble believing this assessment of Hitler.

I hav also heard that he was addicted to Hollywood films and liked to sleep in until late in the day.

Not exactly the figure that neo-Nazis would want to emulate or glorify!

Speaking about his flalulence, my mother used to sing a song when I was a little girl that may be of interest.

"When the fuhrer says, it is a lovely day,
We'll go oompah! oompah! oompah!
Right in the fuhrer's face".

Little did my mother know!!

Has anyone else heard of this song?

Jonathan Dresner - 2/17/2009

HNN routinely posts news stories of historical interest, without evaluating their claims.

"not legitimate." In what way?

DJ Lee - 2/17/2009

I'v read this article and chased the source but what I had to find was not legitimate. when HNN started to deal with this kind of information?