Son of 'Dr Death' Aribert Heim to escape charges for concealing Nazi father's existence

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Rudiger Heim will avoid criminal charges for sheltering his father from the police because of a German law that excuses people from giving evidence against their family members.

Dr Aribert Ferdinand Heim, the world's most wanted Nazi fugitive, performed horrific experiments on Jewish prisoners in the Mauthausen concentration camp.

He eluded a global manhunt for nearly half a century, living in Cairo as a Muslim convert before his death from cancer in 1992.

His son has now admitted that he knew his father's location in Egypt and was with him when he died.

Mr Heim has told the German media that he sheltered his Nazi fugitive father because he did not want to bring trouble to the war criminal's Egyptian friends.

Heinz Heister, a judge at the regional court of Baden Baden, where Rudiger Heim lives, told The Daily Telegraph that the son of a Nazi war criminal could not be prosecuted because he was under no obligation to speak out.

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