WWII vet, grandson of slave: 'I'm speechless'

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Alfred Bouey, an 84-year-old African-American, still remembers the stories from his grandfather about the scars on his body from the beatings he took as a slave in the South.

Bouey, of Oak Park, Illinois, attended Tuesday's inauguration of President Obama. Words can't express his excitement and happiness about witnessing history.

A World War II veteran, he never thought he would live to see a black president in America.

Bouey grew up in Arkansas and saw racism firsthand. He witnessed his mother being mistreated by whites in the South, but he never saw her give up. He eventually left Arkansas for Chicago.

Bouey attended the inauguration after winning Brookdale Senior Living's Experiences of a Lifetime contest. Residents at various Brookdale Senior Living communities nationwide shared their experiences and submitted their wishes as part of the contest.

Bouey shared his story and said he'd like to be there when Obama was sworn in. "My grandfather and grandmother were whipped and beaten, and had the scars to prove it," he said.

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