Bush's new to-do list includes memoirs, building library

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DALLAS -- President George W. Bush may be looking for a little peace and quiet when he moves out of the White House and into a suburban Dallas cul-de-sac, but the years ahead won't be entirely leisurely.

When Bush turns over responsibility for two wars and a foundering U.S. economy to President-elect Barack Obama on January 20, he will turn to the well-trodden post-presidential path of legacy-building.

He plans to open a presidential library and a policy centre at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and write his take on the major events that shaped his presidency...

"The hardest part of an ex-president's life are the immediate years after the White House," said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University in Houston.

Ahead for Bush, 62, is endless fund-raising for the library, haggling with architects and contractors over site plans and setting conditions for turning his presidential papers over to the National Archives, Brinkley said...

The planned $300 million (£206 million) Bush Presidential Centre at Southern Methodist University, to be designed by Robert A.M. Stern, dean of the Yale University School of Architecture, will be a draw for any historian researching the Bush presidency.

The library itself will be operated by the National Archives, but the library's planned policy centre, called the Freedom Institute, has drawn some criticism as a potential mouthpiece for Bush's conservative agenda.

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