In this museum, U.S. is the bad guy in Korean War

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DANDONG, China -- Here at the Museum of the War to Resist American Aggression and Aid Korea, it's as if the clock stopped 55 years ago.

"I feel like I am right there on the front lines," said Wang Binyan, a 23-year-old teacher. "I can feel what the Chinese soldiers felt. In this place, Americans are the enemy."

The museum in this provincial city on the North Korean border tells a personal version of the Korean War, one that casts U.S. foreign policy and military tactics in a decidedly negative light. Hundreds of historical photographs and exhibits present a pro-Beijing side of a conflict that saw Chinese forces rush to the aid of North Korea.

There are photos of glum-looking American prisoners of war, accusations of U.S. germ warfare, and maps and pictures that purportedly show evidence of widespread civilian damage from American bombs.

The commentaries with each exhibit are often heated, using phrases such as "American imperialists," "wanton U.S. bombing" and "despise and hate" to describe China's view of the United States.

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