Book deals for Laura Bush and Sarah Palin?

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Although book publishers advised President Bush to take his time on his memoirs (waiting until he’s out of office and his approval ratings improve), they are apparently suggesting the opposite to Laura Bush. Interest in anything the first lady would write is high and speculation is that she could make a book deal rivaling that of the $8 million contract that Hillary Rodham Clinton signed for her 2003 memoir “Living History.”

Sally McDonough, Mrs. Bush’s spokeswoman, said yesterday that she “has expressed interest in writing a book after she leaves” the White House and is pursuing the prospect but would not comment as to whether or not the first lady has actually met with any publishers. The AP, however, reports that, “Laura Bush wants to write a memoir and will be meeting with several publishers, according to three publishing executives with knowledge of the proceedings. They asked not to be identified, saying discussions are in the early stages and highly confidential.”

As for Sarah Palin, today’s New York Post quotes Hollywood insider Hal Lifson who told the Post, “CAA, ICM, William Morris, Paradigm and other agencies ’smell books, talk shows and commentary for Fox and CNN’ as possibilities for the Alaska governor.”

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