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How could you resist voting for a Presidential candidate who has the slogan 'It's Time To Party Like It's 1773', and who in 2004 chose a 1970's porn star as his Vice Presidential pick?

Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party (BTP) is a former boxing manager now punching way below his weight with another shot at the White House.

In 2004 he and Marilyn Chambers, star of epics such as 'Still Insatiable', were on the ballot in the state of Utah. This year he aims to triple his vote and stand in three states. Way to go Jay!

My excitement at seeing this rare side of alternative America is tempered only by the fact that in some respects the BTP is a serious political party. Sort of. I was hoping for a campaign platform of 'If elected President I will ban all imports from the British and demand reparations for the burning of the White House. Alas their website talks of 'reducing the size, scope and power of government'

Mind you the party has over 500 friends on Facebook. Which is 499 more than me.

Of course the BTP doesn't take itself too seriously, certainly less seriously than the 'No Nothing Party' of the 19th century which felt that dealings with the outside world were a bad idea. America has a long tradition of off the scale wackiness.

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