100-year-old Levi's jeans 'found in goldmine' put up for sale on eBay

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A pair of 100-year-old Levi's jeans that lay undiscovered in a California goldmine have been put up for sale on eBay.

The trousers are covered in wax drops from a candle carried by their original owner to light the mine but are generally in “excellent condition”, the seller claims.
The vintage blue jeans are size 34 waist and 33 leg, according to the attached "Levi Strauss & Co" label.
The colour has partially faded on the seat and on the front of the legs, causing them to resemble to fashionable “worn” look of many modern jeans.
They were found next to a paper bag bearing the name of a local shop frequented by miners which stopped trading in 1898, the seller claims.

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