Maria von Trapp returns to home that inspired The Sound of Music

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"I'm back home again," said Maria von Trapp in Salzburg, after spending several nights in her childhood home, which has been transformed into a hotel.

Located in an upmarket district of Salzburg, the "Villa Trapp" once belonged to the von Trapps, who gained global fame in the 1965 blockbuster starring Julie Andrews, which tells the story of a trainee nun who captures the heart of a lonely widower after introducing his seven children to the joy of music.

The hotel is expected to open to guests in October. Fans of the classic musical will have the chance stay in the house the von Trapps lived in between 1923 and 1938 before emigrating to the United States.

[HNN Breaking News Editor Al Magary warns readers not to confuse Julie Andrews's character with the Maria highlighted in this news story: "Julie Andrews Maria was the stepmom (1905-1987), and the Telegraph Maria is Maria Franziska von Trapp (b.1914), one of the stepchildren."]

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