I am the forgotten Freud, says brother of Sir Clement Freud and Lucian Freud

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He comes from a dynasty of high achievers yet Stephen Freud – brother of Lucian and Sir Clement – spent 40 years selling ironmongery. Here he breaks his lifelong silence to tell Adam Lusher about living in the Freud shadow and the family feud he longs to resolve.


There was no name on the door. Just a simple sign that read, rather obliquely, "Successors to Charles Harden". For sale were drawer pulls, switch plates and every kind of doorknob imaginable, from the most basic to the most ornate, in dusty boxes that matched the shop's air of eccentricity.

It was as if Stephen Freud, the owner of the little hardware shop just off Baker Street, craved not so much anonymity as invisibility.

The brother of artist Lucian and MP-turned-broadcaster Sir Clement, and grandson of Sigmund, Stephen has remained so determinedly unnoticed that Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia, was still asserting last week that "Ernst Freud had two children, the broadcaster Clement Freud and the painter Lucian".

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