Read All About It: Historical Newspaper Reproduction Business Goes National

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On April Fools Day 2007, Kenny Molzahn and Bill Downy formed Historical FishwrapT, a newspaper reproduction company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. These two high school teachers were no fools in believing that the teaching tool that had been so effective in their own classrooms could inspire students and appeal to history buffs throughout the country.

Historical Fishwrap recently announced that its 16-page historical front-page reproduction newspapers will be carried in 40 Barnes & Noble megastores along with all Barnes & Noble stores in Wisconsin.

"And they took my suggestion to put these in the stores with high history book sales, which happens to be stores near military bases. So they are putting us in stores near Fort Hood, Fort Jackson, Camp Pendleton and others," said co-owner Kenny Molzahn.

Historical Fishwrap is also sold in 120 Hastings book stores from California to the Carolinas and over 100 independent book sellers supplied by Ingram Periodicals.

These newspapers are a history teacher's dream, a compilation of historically significant front-page accounts as they appeared on the day the news broke. Historical Fishwrap papers cover WWI, WWII and the Spanish-American War. The WWII papers include reproductions of original reports from a geographic variety of newspapers covering Hitler's Blitzkrieg of Poland, Pearl Harbor, Midway, D-Day and other momentous events. Another paper set is devoted to WWII Air Wars in the Pacific and European Theaters.

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