Mein Kampf could be released again in Germany

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Historians and other academics say it is essential to publish the notorious book with editorial annotations and critique before 2015, when it enters the public domain and may be reprinted freely by neo-Nazis.

"We must be prepared that neo-Nazis will print many copies of the book and use it for propaganda," Dr. Oscar Schneider, who runs the Nuremburg Documentation Center, says.

"The legislators should have taken this into consideration," Dr. Norbert Frei of Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany told the popular daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The two called on the Bavarian government, which holds the copyright on the book's distribution, to allow a critical edition to be published before the copyright runs out.

Munich's Institute of Contemporary History has been trying for years to obtain permission to publish a critical-historical version of the text. "It is unjustified to prevent the printing of a certain document just because of the concern it will have a negative effect," director Professor Horst Moeller said. He noted that scientific editions of other notorious Nazi writings have been published.

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