G. Wayne Clough to Head Smithsonian Institution

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G. Wayne Clough, president of the Georgia Institute of Technology, has been named the 12th secretary of the Smithsonian.

Clough, 66, president of Georgia Tech since 1994, was introduced at a news conference in the Smithsonian castle building this morning. Roger Sant, chairman for the Smithsonian board of regents, said Clough was selected because he brought "a unique combination of academic achievement, talent, leadership skill, and experience in public service, science, management and development."

"In many people's minds the Smithsonian is about the past but it is more about America's future," Clough said at the news conference.

During his tenure at Georgia Tech, Clough has overseen two capital campaigns that raised nearly $1.5 billion and is leading another $1 billion campaign. In the same time, the university's enrollment has increased from 13,000 to 18,000 and research expenditures have increased from $212 million to $425 million.

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