Now even Richard Nixon is blogging

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Richard Nixon's partisans always resented the charge that there was a New Nixon, but his supporters at the Nixon Foundation have now started a blog in his name called,"The New Nixon Blog." Perhaps they are showing they have an ironic sense of humor. John Taylor, executive director of the Foundation, explained the purpose of the blog:

[T]oday, many years after President Nixon has died, as President Nixon’s library prepares to become fully comparable to the other Presidential libraries — because we believe that by 2009 all of President Nixon’s records will be here in Yorba Linda — we are preparing to welcome a new new Nixon. A new Nixon who will be the creature of the scholars who will come to Yorba Linda, study these records without fear, or favor, or bias, and begin to tell the truly nuanced story of the 37th President’s life and times, his statesmanship and his legacy.

So there is about to be another new Nixon, thanks to the good work of scholars who will come to Yorba Linda and do that work.

Initial comments posted on the blog were mixed. Apparently, a decision has been made not to censor critical posts. Ronald Walter wrote:"The rehabilitation of both his, and Ron Reagan’s legacies, without regard for the truth, is sickening, and dishonest in the extreme."

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