The transition to a new economy is over. Do our candidates know it?

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Why do presidential candidates touting their concern for the economy pose with factory workers rather than with ballet troupes? After all, the U.S. now has more choreographers (16,340) than metal-casters (14,880), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More people make their livings shuffling and dealing cards in casinos (82,960) than running lathes (65,840), and there are almost three times as many security guards (1,004,130) as machinists (385,690). Whereas 30 percent of Americans worked in manufacturing in 1950, fewer than 15 percent do now. The economy as politicians present it is a folkloric thing.

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Randll Reese Besch - 1/30/2008

A radical idea of an informed electorate. That is what we do not have. There is a whole industry that promotes fantasy as in Fox New et al are examples. It is ironic that in a time of multiple ubiquity of information outlets,only five corporations own and control them. The FCC facilitates their ownership of newspapers,TV,radio and magazines to dominate. Most people do not want to do the hard job of finding and reading then digesting the material. It is easier to let others like Micheal Medved and Rush Limbaugh to do the work for them. Hence the similarity is word choice and sentence construction when you try to discuss such topics as climate change,politics and foreign affairs.
We are in a bad state indeed.