Illegal abroad, hate Web sites thrive here

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It might come as a surprise to the soldiers who defeated fascism in World War II, but the United States has become a refuge for Nazism and other brands of extremism over the last decade.

On the Internet, that is.

Hundreds of foreign-language Web sites -- some tied to the Chicago area -- are using U.S. servers to dodge laws abroad that prohibit Holocaust denial or racist and anti-Semitic speech. Run by hosts in the United States, they thrive out of reach of prosecutors in Europe, Canada and elsewhere.

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Vernon Clayson - 11/14/2007

Mr. Binstock, You Tube offers people the opportunity to speak out on almost any subject, you twist their rather simple purpose when you suggest they choose sides when something is posted on the site, thereby becoming censors and judges. I bet you would find them agreeable if they posted videos finding fault with George Bush.

Howard Lewis Binstock - 11/14/2007

Unless I misread the article in the Tribune there is one web site that give absolute free reign to hate speech and that's YouTube. The fact of the matter is that YouTube's management has been approached on innumerable occasions by many groups including the German Government and been requested to suspend service to these 'hate mongers'. In my opinion, the fact that YouTube has chosen not to respond to these repeated requests is perhaps very definitively positing their point of view. I would certainly hope that isn't the case; but, what other reason could they conceivably have for maintaining silence on such an august issue?